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Product of the Quarter: The KAM Device

Kam Device

Our activity monitoring systemconsists of two components: The KAM (Kinetic Activity Monitor) and the MyFLTtools website. This system is proven to increase motivation and physical activity. An added bonus is that your healthcare team can see your information too every time you dock for extra accountability!!!

“In the engine of a car, fuel is combined with oxygen to make the car move. The same is true for your body. As you start to move, you expend energy and increase your oxygen intake. When you drive, you rely on your car’s dashboard to tell you how fast you are going, how hard your engine is working, and how much fuel you have. The KAM is your body’s physical activity dashboard. It measures how active you are (KAM Points Mode), how hard your body is working (Zone Mode) and how your body burns fat (Calorie Mode).”1 A KAM is not your typical activity monitor.

Activity points are based on your resting metabolism, which we can test at our office using our BIA machine, also called a bioelectrical impendence analysis. This device allows you to see your activity levels, intensity levels, daily trends and trends over time. The KAM device shows the individual points which stand for energy used above that individual’s BMR. Every KAM point represents a 1% increase in energy above your daily BMR.

This tool is so easy to use. Clip it to your waistband and go throughout your day. At least once per month plug it into your computer to upload the data. As mentioned above, the healthcare team at Healthy Living Dallas can monitor your activity on a daily basis and provide the accountability you need.

When trying to decide how many KAM Points to shoot for, you have to determine your health goals. Look at the chart below to determine what your KAM point goal would be.

Daily Kam Points

Daily Kam Points By Day

The KAM is more accurate than taking any pedometer and counting 10,000 steps because it is personalized to you and your individual needs and metabolism. If a marathon runner and someone who has been inactive for 10 years both walk 10,000 steps, it wasn’t the same amount of exertion for their bodies. Let the KAM help you and the staff of Healthy Living Dallas keep you accountable to fitness. It might be easier to drive and reach your health goals with a dashboard!

For more information visit:

Retail price: $120
February’s ‘Get Active for Heart Health’ special: $105. KAMs are in stock in our Dallas office.

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